Web Platform Daily September 2015 Update

As some of you may have noticed, WPD has been continuously running since the beginning of the year. I’ve skipped my vacation this year, to be able to afford a strategic 2-week break (starting Monday, September 28th) during which I’ll be working on important site features, including…

…a new subscriber feature

I plan to start releasing curated pages for certain features and topics (like “Pointer Events”, “Client Hints”, “Rendering performance”, etc.). These pages will bring together select entries from the releases that have been published on WPD so far.

“Best of 2014” releases have been posted

The ten “Best of 2014” special releases are now available on WPD: 2014-12-29 to 2015-01-09. These are by far the best releases published on WPD to date (for obvious reasons ^_^).

A screenshot of two “Best of 2014” releases side-by-side

“W3 Viewer”

This is something I’ve been working on in 2013. You can access it here. I’ve “resurrected” it, because of its similarity to the upcoming subscriber feature I’m working on.

A screenshot of “W3 Viewer”

What’s next for Web Platform Daily

My most important goal for the immediate future is to increase readership, significantly. I’ll give advertising a shot and look at other ways to introduce more people to the website. More on that, soon.

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